Content Is Everywhere, and How You Can Spot It

Content is everywhere.

You might be laughing at the simplicity of that statement, but it’s true. When it comes to social media, content creation and social marketing, everything becomes content. But, many people don’t always think that way, and then struggle when trying to keep up their business’s social media presence.

About a month ago someone I know messaged me on Facebook. They wanted to “pick my brain” on several social marketing questions. First, why their business Facebook page wasn’t getting much interaction anymore, and second, why they weren’t seeing a lot of the pages they “liked” in their newsfeed as often as they used to.

I gave a brief explanation about all the new algorithms on Facebook. Then I asked about the type of content they were sharing.


They were an apple orchard that not only grows and produces their own apples, and allows people to do pick-your-own in the Fall, but they also create cider. They create cider on-site with a mostly year-round tasting room.

You know the cartoons where the lightbulb goes off above the character’s head and heart-shaped eyes are popping out of their head. That was me for a moment.

Social media content goldmine.

About two dozen ideas immediately went through my mind on ways they could create content with just a smartphone, never mind, if they wanted to put a budget behind it. The opportunities were endless.

Here’s the thing, content is everywhere. The problem I see most businesses running into is that they don’t realize, or see, the potential of the content they already have. Instead, they think they need to spend millions of dollars on big marketing campaigns to create it. While, that can be true in some cases, it’s usually a lot more simpler, and cost effective than that.

Take one of my own Facebook pages. I was walking my dog the other night and saw an electronic sign that was promoting various events in the town I live in. I stopped and took a picture of each different event it displayed, and have been using those photos as content for my Facebook page.

Why does it work?

There were four different events throughout the summer that the sign was promoting. Each one of those photos I can use at different times to talk about the events coming up in the area. In a matter of five minutes, I created four different pieces of content that I can use over the next few weeks.

That cost me nothing, but some space on my phone’s camera roll.


Michelle MaskalyMichelle Maskaly is a content creator and business consultant who specializes in helping businesses of all sizes capitalize on their marketing and content potential. She has worked with large media organizations such as Fox News and Bloomberg, magazines and brands, as well as chambers of commerce and small businesses. Work with Michelle by contacting her now.  




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