Are you spending less time on Clubhouse? Yup. And, here is why.

Last night, someone asked, “are you spending as much time on Clubhouse as you were a month ago?”

I answered, “no, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the value.”

Then, I dug a little deeper into the reason behind my answer:

If you want to be able to help others, and know whether or not to recommend a strategy, I believe you have to have a good understanding of it. How can I recommend, or not recommend, something if I haven’t explored the pros and cons?

With Clubhouse coming onto the scene, and from what I know, being one of the first social audio apps on the market, I needed to spend time learning not only how it worked form a technical point-of-view, but also look at how people were using it.

I was in all types of rooms for the first two months on the app, for just the purpose of being able to better understand, and more accurately, formulate an opinion and strategy on using it.

So, have I stopped using the app as much? Yup! But, not because of the app itself. Because, now I am more educated on it. i see, know and understand the potential. I’m guessing there are many other strategists in the same boat.

I still join clubs, participate in rooms, created two clubs, and spend some time, just slightly less of it, observing usage –– just like I did with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when they launched.

And, side note: This is why I’m not always a fan of analytics. If you just looked at my usage numbers, they would show a “sharp decline.” What they wouldn’t show is that I am actually getting more value out of the app now, despite that lower usage.