The Podcast Is the New Website

Remember about 15 years ago when media organizations were debating whether or not to have a website? There was so much talk about whether it was worth it, advertising, page views, directing traffic, etc.

Some organizations fully embraced the new platform and others fought it tooth and nail. I remember hearing comments like, “what do we need that for?” or “how are we going to make money off of that?”

Now-a-days, no media-related company would even think about not having a website as part of their multimedia platform offerings.

Well, folks, podcasts are the new website – if you are in media, publishing or any type of informational business like journalism, this platform must be embraced. It’s not a new concept, but it is one that some orgniazations are taking a while to accept.

Every day, there is a new podcast popping up. In fact, just today I saw three major news organizations promoting their staff’s podcasts on Twitter. Appropriately so, they are using other social media outlets to get the message out, like doing behind-the-scenes Instagram stories showing the making of the podcast.

Podcasts are another way for your customers or readers, to consume the information you are providing. When done correctly, it adds synergy to your brand’s whole package. For employees, it’s another way to distribute the information they are collecting.

Like we saw with websites, podcasts might not immediately rake in thousands of dollars, but it is a communications platform that is here to stay. And, as with websites, in the long run, those who embrace and promote the new technology will make out better than those who don’t.

Michelle Maskaly is a multimedia communications professional, brand strategist and pet-friendly business consultant. She co-hosts a podcast for Pharmaceutical Executive magazine that can be found here, 


New Podcast!

Another amazing opportunity has come my way – the chance to co-host and content produce a brand new podcast for the magazine I am currently working for.

Introducing the Pharm Exec podcast!

Released twice a month, the podcast features interviews with pharma and biotech executives and leaders on the latest trends and issues facing the industry, as well a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine and expert insight into the pharmaceutical industry and c-suite.

You can listen to all the podcasts on the Pharm Exec SoundCloud page: And, if you want to know when the latest episode is released, follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

It’s a very grassroots effort with no budget or money behind it at the moment. While that can be challenging when it comes to things like sound quality, we are finding ways around it, and embrace the hurdles.

Hope you enjoy listening!


Answering the Question, “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”

The first time I heard someone in a hiring position ask the question, “where do you see yourself in 5 years,” I was sitting around a large conference table at The Star-Ledger’s Newark, N.J. headquarters with about a dozen other summer interns.

“The Daily News.”

“The New York Times”


Not one of us said, “The Star-Ledger.”

Glenn Proctor, then a high-on-the-totem-poll editor, was the keeper of us interns and had a large say in careers at the top 20 newspaper, listened to each of our answers. When we finished, he gave a slight laugh and tilt of his head before calling each of us out for not saying we wanted to be working there.

While I can’t speak for everyone else that day, I can tell you my stomach dropped and I thought, “critical error.”

From that point forward whenever anyone asked me that same question, I always included the company I was talking with in my answer. But, about 5 years ago my answer when asked that question started to change, and I don’t apologize for the way I now respond.

Neither does Marissa Mayer.

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Top Women in the Pet Industry

A new group, Women in the Pet Industry Network, recently published a

michellemaskaly_topwomenpetindustrybook titled, “Top Women in the Pet Industry.” It’s a great guide that features women in leadership positions within the pet industry.

I was so honored, and excited, that they decided to interview me for a small feature in the book. It is truly a pleasure to be in the company of so many talented women.

Women supporting other women is important in business, and this group sets out to do that.

You can read my full interview on page 19 of the book.