The Podcast Is the New Website

Remember about 15 years ago when media organizations were debating whether or not to have a website? There was so much talk about whether it was worth it, advertising, page views, directing traffic, etc.

Some organizations fully embraced the new platform and others fought it tooth and nail. I remember hearing comments like, “what do we need that for?” or “how are we going to make money off of that?”

Now-a-days, no media-related company would even think about not having a website as part of their multimedia platform offerings.

Well, folks, podcasts are the new website – if you are in media, publishing or any type of informational business like journalism, this platform must be embraced. It’s not a new concept, but it is one that some orgniazations are taking a while to accept.

Every day, there is a new podcast popping up. In fact, just today I saw three major news organizations promoting their staff’s podcasts on Twitter. Appropriately so, they are using other social media outlets to get the message out, like doing behind-the-scenes Instagram stories showing the making of the podcast.

Podcasts are another way for your customers or readers, to consume the information you are providing. When done correctly, it adds synergy to your brand’s whole package. For employees, it’s another way to distribute the information they are collecting.

Like we saw with websites, podcasts might not immediately rake in thousands of dollars, but it is a communications platform that is here to stay. And, as with websites, in the long run, those who embrace and promote the new technology will make out better than those who don’t.

Michelle Maskaly is a multimedia communications professional, brand strategist and pet-friendly business consultant. She co-hosts a podcast for Pharmaceutical Executive magazine that can be found here, 


What I Learned From My Time Working at Newspapers

What I learned from working at newspapers michelle maskalyDuring a recent interview, someone asked me what I learned the most from my time working in newspapers. I didn’t even have to think long about my answer.

“I learned so much, but if I had to narrow it down to one general lesson, I would say it was to not be complacent, embrace change and always be proactive.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Obviously, they asked me to explain.

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